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I offer custom grooming at prices less than the "Big Box" stores. 
Very convenient hours and appointments - just ask!
Bath & Brush Out
Bath, Dry, & Undercoat thinning & removal

Small - Med Dogs -  $15.00
Large Dogs - $20.00

Bath & Grooming -
Bath, Dry, Undercoat thinning & removal, Nails & Haircut

Small - Med Dogs - $20.00
Large Dogs - $30.00

Grooming - the Works
Bathing, Grooming, Trim Nails, Ear Plucking, Checking Anals

Small -Med Dogs - $30.00
Large Dogs - $35.00

Here Doggie Doggie began as a recue in 2006, we have placed over 400 dogs in the past 6 years.  After taking a small break when the foreclosure market sent us more business than we could handle, we are now rescuing a modest amount of select dogs that we place with just the right owners.  Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  Or if you have a doggie to re-home - we can also help you with that!!
Custom Portraits & Products

Here Doggie Doggie offers custom Portraits and products to help you display your pet pride or give special and unique gifts for your pet-loving family or friends.
Black Pug Painted on a purse - for a breeder of black pugs.  She LOVED it!!  ***  We can do this for you!!
Any custom portrait made into a transfer and put on any article of clothing, a scarf, a jacket - ANYTHING!! What a great gift!!
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Adorable!!!  8 weeks old husky-Beagle mixes.  I have rescyued from this hoarder-breeder before who just lets her dogs keep getting proegnant.  These are adorable babies who are not at fault for being born - Just need a lovng home!! First shots and worming done!!  Please call or email for  Adoption fee and info.
This Peach - Adorable Puggle - Female. She is 3-4 years old. Housebroken....Sweet and cuddly - Up to date on Shots. Needs love and a forever home!! Please email or call for Adoption fee and info!!
This is Bunny. Adorable Border Collie - Full Blooded and worth her weight in gold!1 Ufportunately her farmer daddy was ging to put her down because she has s neurolgical defect that makes her two front legs work in unison.  So - She hops....that is why she  is named bunny!!  She is adorable - and 12 weeks old.  Has no problems getting around.  She is here in rescue so she can find the right people to love her forever - even if she is not "Perfect"  Please email or call for Adoption fee and info!!
Half-siblingsto the puppies above.  Husky dad - beagle mom.  THese look more like mom!! Cute babies - need a home!  .....Please email or call for Adoption fee and info!!
Goreous English Setter.  These are hardly ever found in rescue!! Pete is a wonderful boy who lives to be loved.  he was begin beaten by his owner because he was not a good "hunting dog"  So sad!! he is about 2 years old and housebroken.  Very sweet boy!
.....Please email or call for Adoption fee and info!!
Adorable Toy Fox Terrier/Blue Heeler Puppies.  10 weeks old.  First shots.  So sweet!!! Love thir littel faces.  Their portraits were done by a friend of mine who does stock photos.  How cute!!! 2 Girls and 2 boys. .....Please email or call for Adoption fee and info!!
This is Tucker.  A 4 year old cream Male Pom who is a very sweet and happy boy - despite being so matted when he came in he had to be shaved down from the neck back.  he is adorable and just needs a loving home.  What a wonderful boy!!
.....Please email or call for Adoption fee and info!!
This is Bentley.  He is a Lasha Poo - 6 years old. Housebroken and a very good dog!! He was with his family for most of his life - but hteir movinghas caused him to need a new forever home.  Please feel free to email or call for Adoption fee and info!!
This is Maggie.  A 4 year old Yorkie-Poo who is Bentley's Sister.  She is 4 years old and a very good little girl.  Housebroken and ready for a new home!!  .....Please email or call for Adoption fee and info!!